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Forests are my life.

While working in forestry research and travelling extensively, Stan Navratil has photographed the diversity of forests in Europe, North America and elsewhere, capturing images of landscape vistas as well as minute, hidden treasures. His images have been published in magazines, calendars and books.


In 2003 he launched his full-time photographer career and is now living in the Interior of British Columbia.


He has published two books featuring his photography:


  • Williams Lake Gateway to the Cariboo Chilcotin2004, 64 pages, over 120 photos.

  • Cariboo Chilcotin Williams Lake2008, 36 pages, 58 photos

  • Stan's booklet, Magic in the Forests (2001), illustrates his genuine passion for forests and their hidden treasures.

"My goal is to produce fine art images of forests that would in turn inspire and reach people, making them aware of this precious, and often disappearing, heritage.

My photography is my tribute to forests. Forests nurtured my childhood and motivated me through my life and career. They never failed to give me solitude and enrich my spirit. It is my relentless passion to capture the beauty, spirit and other treasures of forests and share them with others and future generations."

Stan photographs on film with the medium format Hasselblad 6 x 6 cm and Hasselblad XPAN Panoramic cameras; and digitally with Nikon cameras.

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